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Open Show Sound Mixes for Silent Sleep Performance

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Open Show LLC did the live sound mixing for the Liverpool band Silent Sleep. The band played “On the Streets of the Bombed Out Church” at the Bang and Olufsen House Emerge lounge at the Sundance Film Festival and were featured on the news show Good Things Utah.

To watch a video of the performance, log on to http://www.good4utah.com/gtu/story/d/story/silent-sleep-performs/56172/7w5B3TptpkC3MJFUEMnBpQ

Open Show Lights Emerge Lounge at Sundance

Open Show LLC lights up the Bang and Olufsen House EMERGE lounge at the Sundance Film Festival 2015 while resident DJ Don Vaughn entertains the guests.

Open Show is at the Sundance Film Festival


Open Show LLC’s founder and architect, Scott Abbott, is enjoying being the audio/visual manager at the Bang and Olufsen House EMERGE lounge at the Sundance Film Festival.

Open Show Founder is A/V Manager of Emerge Lounge at Sundance



Open Show LLC is excited to announce that its founder and architect, Scott Abbott, will be the audio/visual manager at the Bang and Olufsen House Emerge Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival 2015.


Open Show Founder Appears with Allentown Film Crew in Lehigh Valley Magazine

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Open Show LLC founder and architect Scott Abbott (second from left) is also vice president of the Allentown Film Crew, which was recently featured in an article in Lehigh Valley Magazine.


Open Show Lights Burning Hearts Show ‘Hearts on Fire’


A simmering revue of four years of fire shows in the park.
Join the Burning Hearts Fire and Light Theater as it reminisces through the years, and revisits some of its favorite moments from its past eight shows at Union Terrace Park.
A performance of fire dance and object manipulation
See multiple fire artists display their skills at the beautiful and historic Union Terrace Amphitheater.

Joseph Dadonna Lake and Terrace (Union Terrace Amphitheater)
123 S. St. Elmo St., Allentown, Pa. 18104
Saturday, August 23rd 2014
Show starts at 8:30 p.m.
FREE to the Public
Presented by The Burning Hearts Fire and Light Theater


Open Show LLC Lights Looking Glass Revue Burlesque Show

Open Show LLC throughly enjoyed lighting the burlesque and comedy troupe Looking Glass Revue’s “Stars and Stripes: A USO Show” at the Allentown, Pa. BrewWorks.

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Open Show created ‘Garden of Light’ at Freeform Arts Festival

For information or to book Open Show LLC for event lighting or show control, email info@openshow.co and log on to www.openshow.co.